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Minim Calibre

I've got a theory... GOT, not GOR. Sheesh.

I've been wanting to do a selection of stories and character studies based on titles and lines from Ten New Songs, but I barely have time for the things I've started already.

Here are a couple of the combinations I've thought of...

Title: That Don't Make It Junk
Line: Any of the lyrics work, really. Pick a line, any line.
Character: Doyle. This is such a Doyle song.

Title: Here It Is
Line: Here is your cross,/Your nails and your hill;/And here is your love,/That lists where it will
Character: Season 7 Spike.

Title: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Lines: Confined to sex, we pressed against/The limits of the sea:/I saw there were no oceans left/For scavengers like me./I made it to the forward deck/I blessed our remnant fleet - /And then consented to be wrecked,/A Thousand Kisses Deep.
Character(s): Wesley/Lilah, AtS Season 4

Edited because I cannot spell.
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