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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
8:45 pm
A plot bunny landed on me, bite me, and wouldn't let go until I wrote this. ^^;

Title: Faded Memories
Author: Aelan-sama
Genre: Original Fiction
Beta: None. If anyone wants to offer suggestions, I would most appreciate that.
Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. All of this came from my head and are my ideas. Don't use any of this without my permission. This was not written for profit and if it portrays someone else's work it was not meant to do so. -stolen from another person, but it fits-
Warnings: None really right now. I'll post the warnings I come to. This is only the first two chapters.

Faded MemoriesCollapse )

Current Mood: sick
3:54 pm
Another Plot Bunny
If anyone doesn't know of Loveless (raburesu), maybe you know of Fruits Basket? I'm looking for stories pertaining to Ritsu - He's the year of the monkey. Any and all will be welcome as long as they are about him.
2:42 pm
Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, if not, please delete. But I'm searching for Loveless fanfiction, either about the Zero boys or Shinonome Hitomi (Sensei). If anyone wants to take up the challenge and write their own, I would love you forever.
Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
8:22 pm
I know this pairing already exists, but I've never read it. So, if anyone likes, they can just give me recommendations. But heed the *first* word in the following:

GOOD Angel/Oz. Futurefic, wedged into the existing storyline, AU -- whatever. Just GOOD.

I just like the ideas of these 2 men of very few words getting down and dirty.
9:52 am
New Bunny for the taking.
Lilah/Scott Evil.

When one of W&Hs clients needs someone to give his son career advice, Lilah's stuck with the job.
Friday, October 25th, 2002
12:33 am
I've got a theory... GOT, not GOR. Sheesh.
I've been wanting to do a selection of stories and character studies based on titles and lines from Ten New Songs, but I barely have time for the things I've started already.

Here are a couple of the combinations I've thought of...

Title: That Don't Make It Junk
Line: Any of the lyrics work, really. Pick a line, any line.
Character: Doyle. This is such a Doyle song.

Title: Here It Is
Line: Here is your cross,/Your nails and your hill;/And here is your love,/That lists where it will
Character: Season 7 Spike.

Title: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Lines: Confined to sex, we pressed against/The limits of the sea:/I saw there were no oceans left/For scavengers like me./I made it to the forward deck/I blessed our remnant fleet - /And then consented to be wrecked,/A Thousand Kisses Deep.
Character(s): Wesley/Lilah, AtS Season 4

Edited because I cannot spell.
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